Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Low back not just a cheap PC

Cheap is always so attracted all eyes - on the one to meet people's needs products, we always hope the price is relatively lower. This trend is especially prominent in the IT products, desktops, notebooks, digital cameras, digital music players and so on products, have experienced high price market, under the altar steps, and finally become the objects of ordinary people in the process.

Once this time coming, the demand for related products will be gradually becoming saturated, and now the PC industry is in such a position on. That is why companies need to have a new product to stimulate the point, to stimulate interest in the market - they selected the ultra-cheap PC.

Starting from the familiar to the OLPC, PC software and hardware industry giants - Microsoft, Intel, AMD, VIA and other manufacturers have customized the relevant plans and taking action. One in particular, Intel plans to customize, it is extremely bulky, but the core of all vendors are in meeting user needs, without exception, under the premise of providing the reserve price of PC products as much as possible, so in remote and backward, the lower per capita income areas is also to have a PC - PC in helping these people to master the skills at the same time, no doubt found a new market for growth.

ASUS Eee PC launched in the past before, these low-cost PC for everyone concerned is more of an after dinner Cha Yu's talk about funding - most of them are based on standard case, in the form of the transaction, and the public users, it seems difficult to be traded freely in the market these products. Eee PC's there, then we feel that this product is the first time from us so close, it seems within reach of low-cost computers.

Eee PC launch, an interesting phenomenon occurred in the country, people who are interested on this product, not just those in the lower income. Instead, many people in economically developed regions of the Eee PC has more interest. Many users in the forum this hot product, to discuss this product small and thin, colorful, just waiting for this product as soon as it's a lot of people buy one.

Lightweight, compact, good battery life time - positioning cheap Eee PC, due to its very compact configuration and the basic integrity of the PC functions, but by many users. This platform of products weighing less than 1Kg, no doubt is very portable, and use it anytime, anywhere to see e-books, listen to MP3, see MP4, place in a network can use it to the Internet, anytime, anywhere to write about blog record their feelings. While its price was 399 dollars at most - not the so-called high-end MP4 how much you, but it is undoubtedly more powerful features, scalability is also more flexible.

On the Asus, it seems more of its marketing objectives is what this crowd, Asus chairman Johnny Shih think, Eee PC is a simple to use device. And look forward to a strong influence in Web2.0, through the Eee PC to get more people surf the Internet very easy to enjoy photos, share music and Blog applications.

The people's spending habits from the current perspective, Eee PC is really able to serve more people have accepted the low-income people? The face of the Shenzhou price more than 3000 yuan, 14,15-inch screen notebook, Eee PC is really able to meet their needs Why?

To some extent, low-cost Eee PC represent not only low-cost, more is a big enough demand to create precise positioning and personal.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, all of them in fact have a low demand. Only of the Shenzhou, Lenovo is cheap people who meet on the first computer needs, and Asus Eee PC is more people to meet for the second or third computer needs.

However, as people become increasingly upset the type of PC demand will multiply before they can attract more of the industry because of that market capacity, continue to put resources into this market, and promote the low-cost PC market.

This is the phone to the PC industry, the industry has done a very good example, NOKIA mobile phone with super cheap sharp performance in emerging markets continue to stable boss to do the mobile phone market, while other mobile phone industry has only just woken up to catch up .

Then, new problems emerged, PC industry in the upsurge of this wave of cheap, who will be the next NOKIA do? Nobody knows the answer, because the game has just begun, but now seems Asus started the first step towards their ... ...

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