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Qihoo brought before the Court are not afraid of a lawsuit that claims millions of Rising

Recent online rumors of the Internet security software provider Qihoo 360 360 security guards there developed the "back door." Yesterday (February 9), 360 odd tiger said 360 security guards through the National Information Security Testing, Evaluation, testing 360 security guards did not find a "back door", has 360 security guards did not find loopholes.

According to Tiger side singular description Qihoo 360 has a malicious defamation Rising company to the Beijing Xicheng District People's Court proceedings, and the attack on the Rising spread code, hacker attacks induced a large number of Internet users report the behavior of the public security organs. The Rising, said the company stakeholders, as of February 9, Rising has not yet received any documents from the court, the person said that 360 security guards discovered the existence Rising "back door", and evidence for the notary, not afraid to fight Rising lawsuit.

Industry insiders believe that, with the odd tiger Rising war of words is not only anti-virus software market for free and pay dispute, dispute it is the software user.

Qihoo: Rising in the defamation

Yesterday, Shi Xiaohong, said 360 security experts from the China Centre for Information Security Evaluation reports issued by security evaluation results show that 360 security guards passed the Anti-Rootkit and other loopholes, and user privacy disclosure vulnerability assessment test, the test did not find loopholes , also found that 360 security guards will not divulge the user's privacy.

It is understood that China's information security evaluation center in China specializing in information technology security testing and risk assessment functions of the authority of institutions, the main functions include information technology products and systems for security vulnerabilities analysis and communications and so on.

However, the test results are bickering with the other characters in this previous claims from Rising.

February 2, Rising announcement that found that 360 security guards in the installation into the user computer, secretly set up the "back door."

Rising side stakeholders explained that the "back door" is the software development staff deliberately put in, put the normal software does not write the "back door", as the user more security protection security software can not have any "backdoor" program will only hackers for an improper purpose, to steal user information by adding the "back door."

In response, Qihoo responded to that, is Rising called "back door" driver Anti-Rootkit is internationally popular anti-virus technology, variety of well-known in foreign countries have a corresponding anti-virus software module, its role is to detect strong and remove Trojan horses, viruses, Trojan to use core technologies nowhere to hide.

Rising: not afraid of litigation

According to Tiger side singular description Qihoo 360 has a malicious defamation Rising company to the Beijing Xicheng District People's Court proceedings, and the attack on the Rising spread code, hacker attacks induced a large number of Internet users report the behavior of the public security organs.

Yesterday, Rising corporate stakeholders on the "Daily Economic News", told reporters that as of February 9, Rising has not yet received any documents from the court.

However, according to an insider, the odd tiger has entered Beijing Arts and Entertainment-hui Technology Investment Company (June 2008, Beijing Rising Technology Co., Ltd. was renamed as Beijing Arts and Technology Investment Co., Ltd. into the entertainment-hui, is still the legal representative RISING Chairman Wang Xin) and the Beijing Rising Information Technology Corporation sued the court, ask for an apology, compensation for loss of 1 million yuan of economic loss of one yuan and spirit.

Prosecution for the odd tiger, Rising company staff in an interview that the documents had been received so far. At the same time, he said, the company as an information security company Rising has the responsibility to release 360 security guards to open the "back door" issue, because "back door" security incident involving social networks.

The media questioned, the source said, Rising There found the software "back door", and evidence for the notary, Rising is not afraid of litigation, and technical reports released to bear all legal responsibilities.

Are free to blame

In fact, the Rising and the odd tiger "bickering" that the software free of charge from the odd tiger began when played. In the industry view, and the odd tiger Rising war of words is not only anti-virus software market for free and pay dispute, dispute it is the software user.

Third-party data, as of the end of 2009, 360 security guards of the market share of more than 72.8%, more than 210 million users. A source said that 360 security guards outside the domestic market share in the first Rising occupied the throne.

An unidentified industry believes that with the odd tiger Rising competition in the traditional fee on behalf of the Internet free of confrontation of two concepts, the "free mode is undoubtedly easier to gain user attention, but also touched the charges of the cake."

Earlier, Rising and many other traditional antivirus software vendors said, due to a software security products into a huge investment in R & D costs each year hundreds of millions, free model simply can not support this input.

This, the odd tiger top Xiang-Dong Qi is that the virus has long been one of the Internet infrastructure services should be provided free of charge to users. In the formation of large user groups, just provide some value-added services can be profitable.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SoftBrands, because focusing so professional

SoftBrands, because focusing so professional

- Interview with SoftBrands hotels Harbans Singh, president of the Asia-Pacific

Respondents: SoftBrands President, Asia Pacific hotel industry Harbans Singh.

Interviewer: China Software Network reporter at Qiao Zhi

SoftBrands President, Asia Pacific hotel industry Harbans Singh.

Reporter: In your opinion, SoftBrands core competitiveness of the hotel industry, where?

Harbans Singh: in the hotel industry in the field of information technology development has become an inevitable trend. As the world's leading software provider SoftBrands know that competitive advantage comes from not only cost-effective features of existing products, but will depend on the ability to build faster than your opponents and to maintain their core competitiveness. SoftBrands integration of the international advanced management concepts and advantages of resources, not simply as a supplier but a value-added products for consumers, customers buy not only products but we Sibo advanced management concepts .

SoftBrands coping strategies with demand areas in the world has made remarkable achievements, not only exceeded last year's expected earnings targets, customer satisfaction also has been increasing steadily. Karyon services and sales channels as a whole De Mosaik customer relationship management solutions, successfully Tuichu, as well as the increased investment product Yanfa promote Le software sales to another record high, so Sibo Hotel Ye always Zhanzai the industry's most cutting-edge. SoftBrands its strategic positioning in the clear, based on the enabling environment for development of the industry followed by product innovation and optimize product mix and other aspects to build and enhance the core competitiveness of SoftBrands.

Reporter: Recently, SoftBrands has with CTS HK Metropark Hotels Management Co., Ltd. signed a global partnership agreement, you talk about the hotel group has its eyes on SoftBrands What are the advantages?

Harbans Singh: and "China Top Ten world-renowned hotel brands," winning CTS HK Metropark Hotels Management Co., Ltd. signed a long-term commercial cooperation agreement. The reason for the many world-renowned hotel group to provide a new generation of technology, not only to SoftBrands in the hotel industry in the field of industry experience accumulated over the years, but due to SoftBrands personnel, technical resources and standardize the process closely, including :

Globalization of services. Sibo hotel industry set up a complete enterprise software development, distribution and support of the institutional system. Its all over the world are located in all major trading regions in the Americas, Europe, South Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. More than 100 countries worldwide, approximately 775 employees and more than 5,000 users.

Experience and innovation. Sibo the hotel industry has more than 25 years of industry experience providing advanced software technology, integrated solutions and services worth Xinlai of quality, customer partnerships to establish long-term of, for Quanqiujiudian Guan Lizhe growth in business.

Excellent technical support. Sibo hotel industry leading technology, and has extensive practical experience in senior technical consultant, to provide customers around the clock technical support 24x7x365.

Standardized business processes. Sibo hotel industry standardization and efficient management processes. Hotels can provide complete business solutions, through an integrated central database, hotel groups can be more effective centralized management of all hotels in the passenger's history of information, price strategy, and the number may Sellers. Thereby enhancing the hotel's operational efficiency, increase revenue before

Therefore, we based on the above advantages, The Ascott Group of Singapore, Singapore Fraser Pavilion Group, Harbour Plaza Hong Kong, Thailand and India, ITC Welcomgroup Central Hotel Group, Hotel Group, and a number of internationally renowned hotel management group maintained a long-term cooperation relations. In addition, selected SoftBrands systems of the U.S. hotel industry Best Western Hotel Group and the U.S. Air Force and Navy Club and so on.

Reporter: SoftBrands solutions to the current hotel management to provide what support?

Harbans Singh: We believe that to ensure the stable operation of customer's system clock is very important, is the focus of our services. SoftBrands innovative business solutions, "one-stop" hotel management system for independent hotels, hotel groups and management companies to provide flexible and efficient technology platform. Based on the characteristics of China that we do a lot of localization work, at present, in China, our solutions include:

Hotel management solutions for large-scale structure of the hotel industry, the new, integrated hotel management solutions.

Enterprise solutions for enterprise customers in corporate management and business operations to provide a variety of effective management tools, to book call center management, online reservations, strategic analysis and planning, data warehousing, multidimensional online analytical processing and other resource integration, and thus on the enterprise central integrated management.

Distribution solutions, to provide local and online distribution channels service, providing customers with a variety of resources online hotel reservations seamless real time connectivity, while helping customers manage the hotel uniform price, number and booking information can be Sellers.

In line with the hotel operators to further development needs, we also configured Mosaik CRM Solutions Customer Relationship Management systems and services Karyon sales channels. We hope that through our excellent solutions and high quality products can give information of Chinese enterprises help.

Reporter: China to face a lot of hotels, SoftBrands has how kind of strategy? In your opinion, SoftBrands market prospects in China's development, how?

Harbans Singh: China is the world's fastest growing countries, with the arrival of the Olympic Games, China must rapidly develop the hotel industry. Therefore, we are very optimistic about China's hotel industry. We will create a global customer-centric corporate culture, strategy and vision will be closely integrated, and constantly improve, balance our resources.

SoftBrands is committed for the hotel industry, offering integrated solutions and services the hotel industry, SoftBrands gradually grow and develop into China's largest hospitality industry solutions provider. Next, we will continue to do the localization work, and gradually increased investment, security and sustainability of development.

Reporter: As the hotel industry leader in the face of an increasingly competitive market environment, companies do in response?

Harbans Singh: As a global leader in the hotel industry software provider, to maintain software innovation and service quality is particularly important, our technical support team for the global technical support system services. Client Center via the Internet, as a global service. We provide online issue tracking and product knowledge base, developed through the latest online educational system, eliminating the customer before the exchange of expensive phone call charges, users can get online on our excellent team of online support.

In addition, we also improve the efficiency of the Asia-Pacific regional support organizations. Global Support Center (WWSC) officially opened the Asia Pacific region began to offer Epitome hotel management system calls to support. The transition in the Asia Pacific region to improve our efficiency of technical support, to the maximum extent to achieve a centralized and standardized, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction. We also organize talent continuous product improvement and development. We not only attach importance to product development, and software debugging and training of personnel is also at the same time, will improve the basic management and operation of software programs simultaneously.

Reporter: 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, which is not too deep to Sibo brought about good opportunities for the Chinese market, the company has done what measures to take advantage of this opportunity?

Harbans Singh: the Olympic Games for China, Beijing is to let the world know about events in China, is an unprecedented opportunity. China not only promote the prosperity and growth of inbound tourism, hotel development for China with prosperity and the promotion of role. To take this opportunity to SoftBrands as a technology leader in the hotel industry who, for the upcoming Olympic Games and the subsequent enormous opportunities, but also made a series of strategic plans and establishes long-term development goals, through continuous production lines, analysis of market needs, the hotel industry to further meet the changing business needs. With the recent 2008 China top ten brands in the awards event in the hotel industry Epitome hotel Sibo solution was named "Best Hotel Management System", to honor, we are very pleased indeed. Through the awards, more powerful witness to build our own brand and in the development of China's hotel industry market success. "We also China's hotel industry technology and the prosperity of the Chinese tourism market is full of confidence and expectations.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Financial Weekly: direct supply in the Shadow of Digital China

Increase profits on the end of its rope in the personal computer (PC) makers, began to put more efforts in reducing costs.

7 at the end of the week early in August, China's two major PC maker - Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo have announced a direct supply agreement with Suning reached. Annual sales are expected to direct supply will reach 15 billion yuan, and will reduce costs, improve efficiency and lower prices to consumers and updated products.

Hewlett-Packard, based in Suning's promoters have not felt significant changes. Although from now on, their hands on each PC sold is no longer the middleman from the Digital China, but Suning warehouse delivery directly from HP. HP national chain channel manager Mo Gening to the "First Financial Weekly" that the two sides in addition to logistics is no longer the middleman through Digital China, the loan also achieved in the direct docking. Moge Ning is responsible for HP's booth in the Suning image, service standards, training, etc. Promoters. Prior to this, HP Suning from 2007 conducted in a quasi-direct attempt - and transfer part of its logistics network of distribution channels, Digital China, the traditional full responsibility for the company.

PC and notebook computers are becoming as popular as household appliances, have direct experience of countries such as the United States and Suning hypermarkets already sniffed out this channel opportunities. In recent years, they never stop with a number of computer makers contacted, Suning has with the macro, the same side, Haier, Shenzhou, brands such as HP and Lenovo signed a direct agreement.

Hypermarket sales rise for PC makers began their new look. Suning, Executive Vice President Wang of the "First Financial Weekly," said Su Ning last year, Hewlett-Packard in sales of about 10 billion yuan. He believes that sales accelerated HP 鐩翠緵 conceptual change. "It>> their judgments changed greatly. Before we have deliberately and Hewlett-Packard on direct supply, but their enthusiasm is not high. But the negotiations are successful, the two sides took only two months to finalize the all the implementation details. "

Professional IT channel business Hongtusanbao Bin, president of the "First Financial Weekly," said sales of its direct supply products directly in the next three years is expected to break through 10 billion yuan. The company started from the end of 2008, and Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, HP and Founder companies in seeking their cooperation on supply chain transformation to upgrade. He took Hongtusanbao with Lenovo's direct supply as a reference, it includes not only traditional procurement level of direct supply, and even extended to the design level, "in the workflow, cash management, product information and achieve seamless docking" adding that Lenovo has been compared to the previous product sales cycle, shortening the traditional supply chain for 15 days.

IT critics generally agreed that such cooperation will channel direct supply Digital, Synnex and Ingram Micro traditional channels such as distributors threat. An anonymous former Digital executive on the "First Financial Weekly," said Su Ning, and the HP Digital China cooperation will make an annual loss of 9 million yuan net profit.

Look, with an annual turnover of 40 billion yuan contrast, HP's direct supply Digital in the loss of this matter is not great. "Our CES sector will certainly be some impact." Digital China Liu Yuqing, General Manager of Corporate Communications for "First Financial Weekly," said. The CES (Chain Electronic Store) unit, part of the supply chain department of Digital China, Digital China accounted for less than 5% of total sales. In early 2009, the supply chain sector to become an independent department, the professional logistics tasks. Volume of business in this sector is relatively small, or even direct supply to HP customers with tailor-made Suning. 3C stores as early as HP and cooperation, because HP does not accept direct orders 3C store, Digital China for Hewlett-Packard provides a single stock exchange services for chain stores to provide logistics and distribution services.

Behind in the direct supply, the real concerns about our traditional distributors is that mass distribution margin is constantly reduced, similar to 3C stores and the Internet multi-channel cut into their profits only gradually pie. 3C store shipments are rapidly increasing their share away more just a matter of time.

"Retail direct supply is common on the international market is an important and effective channel model." Hewlett-Packard Company, "First Financial Weekly" that the future will gradually strengthen the channels of the flat, diversification and efforts in the direct supply area. According Tang Jie, vice president of Lenovo Group, to provide for "First Financial Weekly" data, in 2003, 3C store on PC shipments and nearly zero, this number had now accounted for Lenovo consumer PC Express shipments 1 / 5.

Some small operators have felt unable to support channel. "Before, we sometimes sell out from Suning FALSIFYING. Suning now if we can bypass the distributors, that their lower prices, our business may be even worse." Zhongguancun in HP consumer PCs in the business, said Zhang Kai.

For the traditional distributor, the significance of their future existence must be able to provide customers with unique value of the service.

PC makers are now very much value 3C stores as an end-consumer demand to grasp. Before, manufacturers to distributors Yahuo, distributors to channel business Yahuo, manufacturers and distributors are not concerned about the products sold where they are going. Now, manufacturers have looked to know what consumers will want - since the consumer notebook losing market share to increase Zhi Hou, 姣忎釜 PC manufacturers expect the adoption of a more efficient way to see supply and demand 鍙樺寲, and based on the retail terminals to the data to marketing, manufacturing strategy decision.

Digital China has been aware of this problem. "The market is changing, the channel is divided, in the flat. The financial crisis, when many small business can not survive the channels, all credit to die, their share to the big distributors on the body, and" Yu-Qing Liu said, "we sell hardware, ASP (average selling price) has been going down. firms to profit, the following channels are to profit, we are in the squeeze pressure is 2. In any case, we can not look at gross margin decline. "

As the two major distributors, Digital China and Founder of digital revenue in fiscal 2008 rose 20.1% and 45.39% of the cases, the distribution business of the gross margin has decreased by 0.13% and 0.11%. The whole of China's gross margin distribution business from 10% a few years ago down to about 5%.

Beginning in 2007, Digital China began to seek changes to the service provider of external claims transformation, gradually strengthen the value-added distribution of IT services and share the profits of class, mainly for industry and enterprise customers to provide professional service support.

Distributors are packaged products and services by providing solutions to improve profits. Digital China before the only big customer-oriented business in strategic sectors to provide solutions, but this practice also extended to the consumer and SME customers based consumer strategic sectors - Digital China that consumer to make mobile phones, computers data synchronization between devices such as compatible, would be willing to buy a set of products. Estimated according to Liu Yuqing, if this part of the high-margin products will account for 15% of sales, Digital China, the overall distribution business can be pushed up profits.

Provide professional service to become a trend in the development of distributors. In addition to Digital China, the Union also declared its strong focus on access, and even small quantities can provide batch transport, and that this will be their core competitiveness.

Once the distributors are able to logistics and channel management costs down even lower, with direct supply model they still have a place in the competition. Tang Jie, acknowledges the direct supply mode, Lenovo is still at risk - due to lack of experience, Lenovo needs to gradually accumulate in the logistics and adjusted to reduce costs and expenses; they need to better forecast sales to adjust the supply terminal chain. "If anyone in this channel can do better than our high efficiency, low cost, we certainly are willing to cooperate with." Tang Jie said.

Currently, Digital China IT services business have great expectations of growth remained weak. Digital China in 2008 showed a profit, IT services business revenue improved only 5.6%, although profit increased by 24%, but the base is not high, the overall contribution is very limited.

Makers of traditional channels, the value in the service level, industry and enterprise market is changing large customers, such as Lenovo has recovered the cost of a higher piece of the business channel. In February of this year, Lenovo will 1-3 city reverted to their own management channel management, logistics and cash flow, leaving only the distributor is responsible for return, which makes the traditional channels of business somewhat panic.

In order to improve competitiveness, even prepared to play a Suning Digital China, the country's role as the United States, began to look toward the terminal. And channel it to co-operate, start with a way to join the Cyberport chain. Store layout and decoration of these employees to be responsible for training by Digital. It can be timely feedback to the data of these terminals. The company changed its sales of Evaluation: Prior to Digital shipped only standard, making the main focus Yahuo expand sales; now, it has to lower its sales channels, business appraisal standards. The company's 2008 filing shows the mass marketing revenue grew 15.3%, mainly due to the coverage of emerging markets 4-6, but the promotion of lower cost Queshi net profit by 15%; in value-added distribution in this area, revenues increased 36.7% despite the profit increase was only 4.6%.

The face of a changing market, Digital China have had to find more possibilities. "We can not become numb, must be concerned about the changing trends." Yu-Qing Liu says.


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