Friday, July 30, 2010

The process of recording impromptu slide show reaction

As a report, you often need to make a list, and which lists your thoughts, comments, suggestions or operation. You can use PowerPoint instead of the traditional written form. Operation as follows:

In the slide show view, right click anywhere on the screen, click on the shortcut menu in the meeting.

Click impromptu response tab.

In the note, assigned to a period box, type the required information, then click Add.

If you need to add more action items, repeat Step 3, after click OK.

Impromptu response you specify will appear in the presentation of a new slide at the end. You can use this slide to review the slide show ideas or suggestions put forward by others.

Editor's Note: You can be an impromptu response to the Word or Outlook, Export. Operation as follows:

In PowerPoint's Tools menu, click on the minutes.

Click the Export dialog box minutes.

If you want to create the idea or action that contains Word document, select the ad hoc response to the Microsoft Outlook mail box.

If you want to put Outlook task list (and later assigned to the appropriate person), please select the details of the meeting and an impromptu response to be sent to Microsoft Word check box.

Finally click the output immediately.

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